February 26 2024

Oliver BISCHOF and José AMERICO FREITAS, DERUMEAUX team, co-authors of a publication in NATURE METABOLISM on the role of a homeostatic switch which causes the accumulation of glycerol-3-phosphate and phosphoethanolamine, and triggers senescence by reorganising lipid metabolism.

February 12 2024

Congratulations to Benjamin Simonneau from Pascale Fanen’s group, in the GEIC20 team, who was awarded the prize for best poster at the Colloque Jeunes Chercheurs organised by the patient association Vaincre la Mucoviscidose!

January 25 2024

Corrective role of resolvin E1 in ciliary dyskinesia in cystic fibrosis, a study published in PNAS by Valérie URBACH’s group, Sophie LANONE’s team

December 21 2023

Funding of a Horizon Europe project coordinated by Prof. Yves Lévy

December 12 2023

Nicolas Ortonne’s Neurofibromatosis and Lymphoma oncogenesis – NFL team, partner in the SPRINT project, winner of the 6th wave of the RHU call for projects

December 5 2023

The first issue of the Tr@nsmettreRIF magazine is now online!

November 17 2023

Artificial intelligence compensates for the limitations of the human eye in the treatment of liver cancer

November 15 2023

Val de Marne University 2023 Prize: Congratulations to Simon PERRIN, Relaix groupe Colnot team

November 6 2023

Académie des Sciences: Congratulations to Marcel FILOCHE, winner of the Franco-Taiwanese Grand Prize for Science

November 6 2023

Paris-Est-Sup Thesis Prize: Congratulations to Perla GEARA, IMRB-Relaix team, winner for the Life and Health Sciences ED

September 27 2023

Treg-targeted IL-2/anti-IL-2 complex controls graft-versus-host disease and supports anti-tumor effect in allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation

September 21 2023

Congratulations to François LEMONNIER and Marie-Hélène DELFAU-LARUE on the publication of the ALYCANTE phase 2 trial in Nature Medicine!

August 30 2023

Publication of a study in Immunity on Omicron BA.1 infection in vaccinated patients remodels immune memory

August 1 2023

Hip Hip Hooray! The GREENLAB ESR-GES project “Higher education and research’s environmental footprint: assessment and scenarios”, winner of the first wave of the AAP transforming Erasme

June 19 2023

IMRB submits three projects to UPEC’s AAP Erasme!

May 9 2023

Congratulations to Sophie Lanone of IMRB’s GEIC2O team and Patrice Coll of LISA-UPEC/UPCité/CNRS, for their article “Air pollution, so complex to reproduce in the laboratory” in the Figaro Santé on Monday May 8!