July 4 2020

Arrival of a startup in the new EnvA Chauveau building in interaction with Frédéric Relaix’s BNMS team

July 1 2020

Imaging platform is enriched once again with new equipment!

June 19 2020

P. Bartolucci, F. Galacteros and S. Moutereau (Eq. Pirenne), co-authors with the NIH of an article published in the journal PNAS !

June 15 2020

New on the Imaging platform!

May 29 2020

The Cristoli Virus: Discovery of a new virus of the family Bunyaviridae thanks to the NGS platform and several members of Jean-Michel Pawlotsky’s team

May 18 2020

Thesis projects of the SVS Doctoral School proposed by the IMRB teams!

May 12 2020

Launch of a call for applications for EUR LIVE! doctoral scholarships!

May 5 2020

Good news for the IMRB platforms!

April 28 2020

Publication in Clinical Cancer Research of a directed study by Dr. J. Calderaro, (J-M. Pawlotsky team) showing that modifications immunity occurs very early in the malignant transformation on cirrhotic liver.

March 11 2020

A pioneering study in the field of liver cancer and artificial intelligence

March 5 2020

Publication of an article including three IMRB teams in the journal AJRCCM of a pilot study in ventilated patients with severe ciliary dyskinesia

March 2 2020

Nadjet Gacem ex-PhD student (ED SVS 402) in the former Sylvie Dufour’s team, who performed her PhD under the supervision of Nadege Bondurand (DR2, INSERM), published a paper in Nature Communications revealing the role of A-to-I RNA editing in neural crest development

February 21 2020

New in the description of anaplastic lymphoma on breast implants!

February 17 2020

Congratulations to Mathieu Panel (ex-PhD student of Bijan Ghaleh’s team), winner of the Drug Science Award!

February 3 2020

IMRB sets up a Scientific Integrity Cell!

January 30 2020

Greetings from the Director of the IMRB, Tuesday 21 January 2020