January 20 2021

Interview with Marcel Filoche, Bruno Louis’ team in the France Culture program “La méthode scientifique” on the benefits of Surfactant Substitution Therapy in patients with severe COVID-19 and who develop an Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS)

January 13 2021

IMRB’s Relaix team publishes in the journal Cell Metabolism the discovery of a mitochondrial transfer mechanism from platelets activating the repair function of mesenchymal stem cells

January 6 2021

A mechanism controlling the efficiency of mitochondrial coupling has been revealed: mechanistic and medical perspectives

December 9 2020

Main issues and limitations of the contribution of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the management of patients with gastrointestinal and hepatic cancers

December 1 2020

Congratulations to Ophélia Godin, newly recruited as a researcher at Inserm as part of Marion Leboyer’s team!

November 26 2020

Four UPEC students from the France Pirenne team, honored by the management of the EFS!

November 19 2020

Publication in The Lancet Oncology of a study led by Christos Chouaid (CHI Créteil – Service de Pneumologie, IMRB-U955 Bastuji-Garin team) on the benefits of a new treatment for patients with recurrent small cell lung cancer

September 16 2020

IMI2 CARE Project: VRI-Inserm, coordinator of the European Public-Private Consortium, created to accelerate the development of Covid-19 treatments

August 3 2020

Ebola survivors show severe immune system abnormalities two years after their disease (Nature Communication of 24/07/2020)

July 4 2020

Arrival of a startup in the new EnvA Chauveau building in interaction with Frédéric Relaix’s BNMS team

July 1 2020

Imaging platform is enriched once again with new equipment!

June 19 2020

P. Bartolucci, F. Galacteros and S. Moutereau (Eq. Pirenne), co-authors with the NIH of an article published in the journal PNAS !

June 15 2020

New on the Imaging platform!

May 29 2020

The Cristoli Virus: Discovery of a new virus of the family Bunyaviridae thanks to the NGS platform and several members of Jean-Michel Pawlotsky’s team

May 18 2020

Thesis projects of the SVS Doctoral School proposed by the IMRB teams!

May 12 2020

Launch of a call for applications for EUR LIVE! doctoral scholarships!