June 15 2020

New on the Imaging platform!

May 29 2020

The Cristoli Virus: Discovery of a new virus of the family Bunyaviridae thanks to the NGS platform and several members of Jean-Michel Pawlotsky’s team

May 18 2020

Thesis projects of the SVS Doctoral School proposed by the IMRB teams!

May 12 2020

Launch of a call for applications for EUR LIVE! doctoral scholarships!

May 5 2020

Good news for the IMRB platforms!

April 28 2020

Publication in Clinical Cancer Research of a directed study by Dr. J. Calderaro, (J-M. Pawlotsky team) showing that modifications immunity occurs very early in the malignant transformation on cirrhotic liver.

March 11 2020

A pioneering study in the field of liver cancer and artificial intelligence

March 5 2020

Publication of an article including three IMRB teams in the journal AJRCCM of a pilot study in ventilated patients with severe ciliary dyskinesia

March 2 2020

Nadjet Gacem ex-PhD student (ED SVS 402) in the former Sylvie Dufour’s team, who performed her PhD under the supervision of Nadege Bondurand (DR2, INSERM), published a paper in Nature Communications revealing the role of A-to-I RNA editing in neural crest development

February 21 2020

New in the description of anaplastic lymphoma on breast implants!

February 17 2020

Congratulations to Mathieu Panel (ex-PhD student of Bijan Ghaleh’s team), winner of the Drug Science Award!

February 3 2020

IMRB sets up a Scientific Integrity Cell!

January 30 2020

Greetings from the Director of the IMRB, Tuesday 21 January 2020

December 27 2019

Using cold and liquid ventilation to reduce the risk of after-effects following cardiac arrest: Researchers from ENVA, UPEC, Inserm and the Mondor Institute are at the forefront of this new technique.

November 26 2019

HIV vaccine clinical batch release: a major milestone for the Vaccine Research Institute’s vaccine development program.

November 14 2019

Marielle Bréau former doctoral student of Serge Adnot’s team, winner of the Thesis Prize of the University of Paris-Est for the Doctoral School of Life Sciences and Health!