Technological facilities

The IMRB scientific activities rely on several instruments and technological facilities operated by the IMRB and available for its research teams.








Créteil on March 30, 2023,


Since 2009, the IMRB platforms have gradually entered into the Quality approach and they are all certified to date. In 2021, following an external audit on the administrative management of the Institute, we initiated a process of continuous improvement of the processes for managing own resources and the recruitment of fixed-term contracts and trainees.


The objectives of our Quality policy are:


  • The provision of high-performance platforms to our research teams that meet their needs and the standards of their industrial partners offering cutting-edge technologies.
  • The contribution of our platforms to the visibility and attractiveness of the Research Center through their ability to open up to the outside world and through their role in the training of students.
  • The evolution of platform activities towards “integrated” platform management.
  • The continuous improvement of our internal functioning to consolidate our relations with our partners and to improve the working conditions of agents by improving communication circuits and reducing malfunctions.


I am committed to


  • promote the maintenance of the Quality approach in the Institute’s platforms and its deployment in the common administrative and technical services
  • communicate internally and externally on the actions implemented and the results obtained,
  • analyze the risks and opportunities that could impact the Quality management system
  • support staff involved in the process.In the context of work that will impact many of the teams and platforms of the IMRB, I hope that we will be able to maintain a high level of quality of service provided to the teams. I know I can count on everyone’s involvement.














Jorge Boczkowski, Director of the Institute