January 5 2022

Publication in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology (IF 24.09) of a study on the identification of typical clinical profiles in patients with suspected cardiac amyloidosis

December 18 2021

Publication of an article and editorial in the journal JACC on the beneficial effect of Ryanodine receptor stabilization to improve left ventricular function in young dogs with Duchenne muscular dystrophy

December 13 2021

Publication of a study in Clinical Cancer Research on the identification of two main immune subtypes of cHCC-CCA (“Immune High” and “Immune Low”) in patients with mixed hepatocholangiocarcinoma tumors

December 7 2021

Congratulations to Marion LEBOYER who wins the Inserm Grand Prix 2021!

December 2 2021

Congratulations to Marcel Filoche, Louis team, winner of the Claude Berthault-Fondation de l’Institut de France Prize!

November 26 2021

Congratulations to Yannis Djeffal, PhD student in Frédéric Relaix’s team who receives the Line Pomaret-Delalande 2021 Prize (FRM Prize) for his thesis work on the understanding of the biology of muscle satellite cells

October 1 2021

Congratulations to Pauline Favre, newly recruited as a research fellow at Inserm in Marion Leboyer’s team!

September 28 2021

Covid-19: a study of the effectiveness of immune memory after mRNA vaccination to recognize SARS-CoV2 variants

September 13 2021

Innovative vaccine candidate effective against disease in preclinical models

June 4 2021

Congratulations to Carole Hénique-Gréciet (Sahali Team, Head of the IMRB Scientific Animation Committee) for her nomination to the Institut Universitaire de France!

May 21 2021

Céline Colnot’s group, Relaix team, published in Nature Communications on May 17, a study on the role of muscle in bone regeneration.

May 10 2021

Congratulations to Marie Tamagne, Pirenne team, honored by the EFS for her recent publications in two internationally renowned journals!

May 5 2021

EUR LIVE Graduate School of Research: first series of videos on EUR-LIVE’s scientific activity

April 29 2021

Interview with Prof. Marion Leboyer (IMRB-U955, Leboyer team) for the Institut Montaigne*: The mental health of young French people is deteriorating according to an IPSOS survey conducted for the FondaMental Foundation**.

April 28 2021

UPEC launches its partnership foundation

April 15 2021

Rituximab-resistant memory B cells contribute to relapse in adult patients with immunological thrombocytopenia: A study led by Professor Matthieu Mahevas, Pirenne team at IMRB and published in Science Translational Medicine