June 7 2018

Interview with Roberta Foresti and Roberto Motterlini, team 12, in BHF Alumni Magazine

May 31 2018

Reciprocal signalling by Notch–Collagen V–CALCR retains muscle stem cells in their niche, 2018, Nature, vol 557, pages 714-718

May 23 2018

Congratulations to Marion Leboyer, Team 15 Director, who has just received a prestigious award from the ECNP!

May 16 2018

A look back at the IMRB’s Apprentice Researchers experience

May 9 2018

Welcome to ORIXHA! New start-up created by the team 3 of Bijan Ghaleh under the impulse of Renaud Tissier!

April 13 2018

Congratulations to Geneviève Derumeaux’s team, team 8, for a very interesting article on visceral adipose tissue, heart aging and osteopontin!

January 26 2018

The IL4I1 group (Flavia Castellano & Valérie Molinier-Frenkel), on the cover of the last European Journal of Immunology!

December 12 2017

Congratulations to Cyrielle Hou, team 10 of Fred Relaix/François-Jérôme Authier, who has just won the Master’s Award in Myology from the Société Française de Myologie / Santhera Pharmaceuticals!

December 7 2017

Congratulations to Carole Hénique of Dil Sahali’s team 21 who has just published an article in Nature Communications on November 28th, 2017!

November 30 2017

Special Jury Prize for the Surgeons of the Future for Mickaël Miro-Padovani of Team 7

November 27 2017

Congratulations B Vingert from F Pirenne team for important paper showing that an anti-CD20 antibody prevents Red Blood Cell alloimmunization in a mouse model!

November 20 2017

Very important publication in Fred Relaix team in Cell Reports on the development of a protocol that bypasses the impact of isolation procedures and captures cells in their natural resting state

November 9 2017

Identification of the embryonic origin of FAPs: Team 10 associated with other teams published a very interesting article in Nature Communications (IF: 12.124)

October 11 2017

Josselin Houenou and Stéphane Jamain, as well as their colleagues in team 15, have demonstrated a genetic variant associated with both early-onset bipolar disorder and schizophrenia

September 13 2017

IMRB launches a call for Group Leader Positions

February 15 2016

Erectile dysfunction following treatment for prostate cancer : IMRB at the cutting edge of progress!