Supported by UPEC through the Faculty of Health, the ENSUIITE project, coordinated by Yann SENOVA, Neurosurgery PHU and Marion Leboyer’s team, is the winner of the “Skills and Professions of the Future, Digital Health” call for expressions of interest.

This project, which will be funded to the tune of €1.7m over 5 years, is an ambitious and innovative one, aimed at promoting digital teaching in health and delivering knowledge to learners using innovative content and teaching tools, while taking into account the environmental, diversity and gender issues that are already part of UPEC’s identity.

This project goes hand in hand with innovative research into attention, mental fatigue and the well-being of learners during distance learning, using neurofeedback for the general public.

Yann SENOVA: “The aim of the ENSUIITE project is to achieve a uniform increase in the acquisition of theoretical and practical knowledge in digital health for both carers and patients in the south-east of the Paris region. The project is intended to be participative, inclusive and a driving force behind the emergence of a digital health ecosystem, from the university to the hospital, and then to the region’s workers, employers and patients. In particular, an annual Ideathon/Hackathon will bring together Masters students, carers, patients, employers and employees to design, implement and evaluate digital health innovations that respond to collectively identified use cases, in the service of patients.

What’s more, by drawing on an innovative research programme in cognitive and educational neuroscience developed as part of this project, we will be striving to build hybrid Digital Health training courses that listen to learners, but are also really listened to, and really put into practice by learners. The Pix and Pix-Pro Santé certifications will be acquired at the end of personalised, adaptive and motivating courses. The integration of our learners into the digital health ecosystem in the south-east of the Paris region will be our priority”.

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