Funding for the PASSAGE project on care pathways and inequalities in care for elderly cancer patients, a project led by Etienne AUDUREAU, CEPIA team!

The PASSAGE project has just been selected in the first call for DAtAE projects (Health Data and Applications – exploitation of health data warehouses) launched by the DGOS.

The aim of this project, coordinated by Etienne AUDUREAU, Florence CANOUÏ-POITRINE and Charline JEAN in the CEPiA team, is to evaluate the hospital care pathways of elderly cancer patients treated at the AP-HP by assessing the key elements of these pathways from a geriatric and therapeutic point of view, using data from the AP-HP’s health data warehouse (EDS). Characterising these ‘trajectories’ will make it possible to identify the most vulnerable profiles and any disparities in the use of care, in order to help optimise the care of elderly cancer patients.

This collaborative project, carried out as part of the AIRACLES AI Chair, brings together epidemiologists, doctors specialising in onco-geriatrics, and artificial intelligence engineers and researchers from AP-HP, INSERM, INRIA and CentraleSupelec.