Bio-informatics platform

The bioinformatics platform of the Mondor Institute for Biomedical Research was created in 2017 to offer the IMRB’s research teams, and more generally the UPEC (Université Paris-Est Créteil) and the outside world :


  • Access to computing facilities
    Creating an account and a workspace
    Access to the calculation means via a schematizer (slurm)
    Access to installed software and banks
    Ability to install and deploy locally dedicated pipelines and banks.


  • Support with bio-informatics analyses
    Advice upstream of bio-informatics and/or bio-statistical analyses
    Support for bioinformatics analysis and reporting of results
    Training and/or assistance


  • Bioinformatics expertise


  • Example of pipelines/services:
    – search for variants
    – Genomic meta (16S/WGS)
    – ChIP-seq
    – RNA-seq
    – biological systems modeling


  • Equipment :
    – 1 compute server composed of 8 16C nodes (64GB RAM per node + GPU) and 4 16C nodes (512GB RAM per node + GPU)
    – 1 compute server composed of 2 nodes of 16C and 512 GB RAM per node
    – local storage
    – 25 TB disk bay

Resources :

The documents for agents provided by the bioinformatics platform can be found here in the data library on the platform’s homepage.


Location :
2nd floor of the Créteil Faculty of Medicine
Gate 2037
8 rue du Général SARRAIL
94010 Créteil