Notch-Induced miR-708 Antagonizes Satellite Cell Migration and Maintains Quiescence, 2018,,Cell Stem Cell 23, 1–10, December 6

The majority of adult stem cells are sustained quiescent throughout the lifetime of an organism. A central quest in the stem cell field is to identity the signals that maintain quiescence. Characterization of those signals and their modes of interaction is a major challenge but also a prerequisite for the use of stem cells in regenerative medicine.

A new study in which Philippos Mourikis (CR/CNRS) of the team of Frederic Relaix (IMRB Team 10) is participating, identified a novel way by which Notch signalling maintains skeletal muscle stem cells quiescent. Baghdadi et al. shows that Notch triggers the expression of the microRNA miR-708, which in turn targets Tensin3, a component of the focal adhesion complex. Repression of Tensin3 prevents the activation of the focal adhesion kinase FAK, thus ensuring that satellite cells are stabilized within their niche. This study, conducted in collaboration with the team of S. Tajbaksh, Institut Pasteur, was published in Cell Stem Cell, December 6, 2018.