EUR LIVE Graduate School of Research: first series of videos on EUR-LIVE’s scientific activity

In partnership with INSERM and CNRS, “EUR-LIVE” is a project designed within the framework of the “Investissements d’Avenir” (PIA) projects and supported by the ANR. EUR-LIVE (ANR-18-EUR-0011) aims to combine the know-how and research contributions of multiple disciplines to address vulnerability in all its facets, by creating a University Research School at UPEC.


See below the first scientific videos available on the UPEC Youtube website. You can find several members of the IMRB:

Geneviève Derumeaux (Derumeaux team) and Pascale Fanen (Lanone team), in the presentation video, click here. Florence Canouï-Poitrine (Bastuji-Garin team), Sophie Hüe (Lévy team), in the video “Vaccine against COVID-19”, click here . And finally Zeinab Mezdari (Derumeaux team) in the video “Ageing, an example of vulnerability”, click here


You can find all the news about EUR-LIVE on the LinkedIn and Twitter networks below.
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A call for applications will soon be published for doctoral and master’s scholarships in the framework of EUR-LIVE (early May for PhDs, and early June for masters).

Full video links:

EUR-LIVE presentation (
Ageing, an exemple of vulnerability  (
Ageing & COVID  (