Congratulations to Nioosha Nekooie Marnany, who received the prize for best oral communication at the international conference “NEURAL CREST DEVELOPMENT AND DISORDERS: FROM PATIENT TO MODEL SYSTEM AND BACK AGAIN” – NEUCREST

It was in the idyllic setting of the Giens Peninsula in the Var that this international conference took place from March 3 to 6, organized by doctoral students from the NEUcrest project, a research and training consortium funded by the Horizon program. 2020 of the European Union, aiming to decipher the molecular bases of NC development, to develop models of human neurocristopathies and experimental tools for NC research.


During this conference, juries awarded prizes to reward the best communications. Nioosha NEKKOIE MARNANY (center in the photo), who completed her Thesis at Paris Est Créteil University under the supervision of Sylvie DUFOUR and Jean-Loup DUBAND in the theme “Plasticity, migration and fate of cells originating from the neural crest” within the “Stem cells, environment, development, preclinical modeling” group of Frédéric RELAIX from the BNMS team, received the Prize for the best oral communication entitled: “Non-canonical nuclear function of glutaminase drives EMT during neural crest cell development