Congratulations to Carole HENIQUE, Derumeaux team, elected on Monday 22 April 2024, Vice-President of Research and of the UPEC Research Commission.

After being recruited as a lecturer in molecular biology (CNU64) in 2015 at UPEC’s Faculty of Science and Technology, Carole HENIQUE has been a University Professor at the Faculty of Health since 2022.


Member of the IMRB-U955 since 2015, she leads a research group on the study of cellular and molecular mechanisms of renal glomerulus damage in various contexts (nephro-oncology, ageing, obesity/type 2 diabetes) in the Derumeaux team.


She has also been appointed to a Fundamental Chair in Biology/Medicine/Health at the Institut Universitaire de France in 2021 (delegation 2021-2026) to contribute to the development of high-level research in universities.


She is also actively involved in doctoral policy as Director of Studies for the Life and Health Sciences ED (ED402) since 2017 and as an appointed member of the Doctoral Training Council – Paris-Est Sup since 2021.